What Is The Difference Between Justice Unity Association and Ku Klux Klan

What Is The Difference Between Justice Unity Association and Ku Klux Klan

Justice Unity Platform/Association (YBP/YBD) is the “Ku Klux Klan” (KKK) organization of this age. The KKK organization, which was founded in the United States in the 19th century on “anti-Black people”, resurrected 150 years later in our country under the name of YBD, under the name of “Anti-Gülen Movement”.

YBD is much more powerful and dangerous than the KKK because it acts under the control of the government and uses the judicial power. Everyone who took an active role in the establishment and activities of this structure has clearly confessed this.

The Minister of Justice at the time, Bekir Bozdağ, openly admitted that the YBP was founded by the government and that they were carrying out activities against the Gülen Movement.

Former Ankara Chief Prosecutor Harun Kodalak, in his statement in the 9th CD of the Court of Cassation, declared that YBP was established under the coordination of the Ministry of Justice. Abdullah Yaman, a member of the Supreme Court of Appeals, who attended the first meetings at this stage, wrote in his social media account that:

They laid the foundations of the first serious fight against “the Community” with the Movement for Unity in the Judiciary, which started with the meetings organized by Kenan İpek, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice.

YBP, which started its activities with secret meetings under the coordination of the Ministry, held its first meeting with broad participation on 19.4.2014 in Konya. The meeting, attended by nearly 300 judges and prosecutors and it was covered in the press with the title “New alliance against the community in the judiciary”.

The founding members of YBP, Deputy Undersecretaries of the Ministry of Justice (now the both are the members of the Constitutional Court) Selahaddin Menteş and Basri Bağcı, and many bureaucrats from the HSYK, which was reshaped with the intervention of the government after 17-25 December, also attended the meeting.

Pro-government newspapers covered the meeting with the headline “Rebellion to parallel structure brought by the Unity in the Judiciary Platform”; and announced it as “The Judges and prosecutors who have Alevi sensitivity and are known for their idealist and social democrat stances came together and said ‘stop’ to the parallel structure.

The meetings continued on the following dates. No one was invited to these meetings, except for those who were identified by the filing methods as “members of the judiciary who love their state and nation” (Harun Kodalak’s statement in the 9th CD of the Supreme Court is also in this direction).

Thus, those who did not take part in the YBP and did not support were accused of hostility towards the homeland and nation, and pressure was put on judges and prosecutors by appealing to their national feelings. It was said that the only solution was YBP, saying “the gravity of the situation”, “we are aware of the danger”, “it is a national issue”.

YBP representatives also met with then Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu (3.9.2014) in addition to ministry bureaucrats. YBP spokesperson Abbas Özden announced after the meeting that “the parallel structure within the state was evaluated at the meeting”.

In the negotiations, the government made many promises that could be realized by law, such as salary increase and registry amnesty to YBP members. Minister Bozdag announced the draft law on such matters on 9 September 2014 and emphasized the “Fight  against parallel structure” and pointed to the YBP for the election to be held on 12 October.

YBP Spokesperson Abbas Özden said in an interview, “We believed that this structure should also be dealth with. It is very important to be able to act together against this structure.” By this he confessed that the YBP was a union formed to fight the Gülen Movement.

Ozden, when  he was  asked what would happen if they lost the election, he said, “No state can allow such a structure, we want it to be resolved through democratic means.” He replied as such, implying that “if we do not win the elections, the state will do what is necessary”.

In a statement 18 days later, AKP member Mahir Ünal clarified Abbas Özden’s words by saying that if the government-backed YBP loses in the HSYK elections, they will not recognize the result. As you can see, the government and the YBP were in a unity of discourse/action.

The government provided all kinds of support to the YBP. The arrangements such as salary increase and registry amnesty promised by the YBP in agreement with the government were carried out throught the laws enacted by the government. Agreement with the government, given  promises and their realization are clear evidences of the  Government-YBP relationship.

Emin Pazarcı, the columnist of the newspaper Aksam stated that “the first national unity against the Gülen Movement took place in the Ministry of Justice, and its nationalists, conservatives, leftists, social democrats, Alevis and Sunnis came together under the name of YBP years ago”.

Dilek Güngör the columnist of Sabah newspaper wrote that conservatives, social democrats and nationalists united and established YBP “to clean up” the Gülen Movement. Other pro-government journalists have many similar articles.

In a number of massacres and murders that took place in the recent past, the enemies who killed and get killed, came together under the roof of YBP with the initiative and support of the government, in order to “fight against the Gülen Movement”.

And here is the twitter message of Kenan İpek, the Undersecretary and member of the 1st Department of the HSYK:

All these show that the common goal of the AKP government and the HSYK and judicial units, which were redesigned with the intervention of the government, is to “fight against the Gülen Movement”.

Erdoğan, after 17-25 December, in order get the judiciary on his own side  and use it against the Gülen Movement, which he openly targeted with words such as “Those who are in this organization must pay the price from A to Z.”; “They will either accept the existence of this state or they will perish”.

Made calls with words such as “How long will the judiciary remain silent about this?”, “You collapse the representatives of this parallel structure with your courage.”, “We expect support from all patriotic members of the judiciary to clear this up, we expect action.”

The members of the judiciary gathered under the umbrella of the YBP did not leave these calls unresponded and said, “As our association and all the judges and prosecutors who created our association, we stand by our state against terrorism, we stand by our security forces.”

Many evidences such as the ones explained above show that the YBP (YBD) was organized and supported by the government with the aim of “fighting the Gülen Movement, cleaning it up, making it pay, punishing and destroying it”

All these indicate that the judges and prosecutors of the YBD did not act independently, that they were working in harmony with the executive within the scope of the planned and systematic genocide carried out under the name of the “war for independence” by the government, and that they were “on the side of the state” in this regard,

It shows that this is their purpose and first priority of coming together under the roof of YBD. Those whose aim is”battle”, who wage war against a part of the society together with the government, and who call more than 1.5 million people terrorists in this context.

It would not be possible to mention about  the impartiality of the members of the judiciary, who do not observe basic human rights and freedoms and do not apply the universal laws and international court decisions to which they are bound by conventions, and moreover, that these people have the qualifications for being judges and prosecutors.

Punishing 1.5 million people for their legal and routine activities without any concrete action constituting a crime, arresting more than a hundred thousand innocent people including pregnant women, confiscating their properties, abducting people.

This biased and belligerent “Ku Klux Klan” (YBD) organization in the judiciary is primarily responsible for the persecution and genocide that led to months of torture, the suicide of Bahadırs, deaths from torture or illness in prison, and many other human right violations.

It is inevitable that the members of the judiciary, who organized under the umbrella of YBD and caused this persecution and genocide by signing unlawful decisions, will be tried in the future for crimes against humanity and genocide, together with the members of the government they work with.


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